Dental Implant Surgery: Sedation And Pain Medicines

dental implants placed in the jawbone

Fear of pain and discomfort is one of the major reasons why people keep away from a dental office. Surveys have shown that patients may tend to endure pain and compromise on oral health because of fear of dental treatment. With new technologies and treatment techniques in place now it is simpler to get a dental problem cured at our dental office. Sedation dentistry and local anesthesia have helped us in performing dental implant surgeries and restoring a healthy smile for many patients of Honolulu. Sedation ensures that patients are comfortable and relaxed during the dental treatment.

Will the surgery be painful?This is one of the common questions patients ask us about dental implant restoration. Our dentist firstly numbs the surgical site using local anesthesia. Sedatives are administered during the process to ensure that patients are free from anxiety. The sedatives help our team concentrate on the surgery while the patient remains relaxed in the dentist’s chair.

Oral sedative or intravenous sedation may be recommended by the dentist. There are certain steps to follow during the course of sedation. In the case of oral sedative, the over-the-counter pill may have to be taken few hours before the surgery as instructed by the dentist. The patient may have to be escorted to our office and back home by a caretaker. Since the effect of sedative remains for few hours after the surgery, it is not advisable to operate any type of machinery during the period.

Pain may be experienced once the effect of local anesthesia tends to wear off. Our dentist recommends pain medicines to counter pain. Patients are advised to visit our office if the pain turns out to be unbearable or lasts for more than 2-3 days after the surgery.

If you have any queries related to implant dentist, feel free to consult our emergency dentist in Honolulu.

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