Dental Implant Surgery: Things To Avoid Immediately After Treatment

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Dental implant surgery is performed after thorough evaluation of oral health. The surgery requires local anesthesia. Once the treatment is complete, our team informs patients on how to care for the implant during the healing period. It is important for patients to be extremely careful during this period. The care taken during the term can decide the life of the implants. Following are some of the things patients may have to avoid after the dental implant surgery.

The dental professionals recommend patients to avoid rinsing the mouth vigorously on the day of surgery and the following day. This can increase bleeding and disturb the implant area which is undesirable.

The implant bonds with the supporting bone structure through Osseointegration. Smoking can reduce blood flow to the bone and delay the healing. The dentist asks patients strictly not to smoke for the first 2 or 3 days after the surgery. Avoiding the habit after that can help with the healing of implant. Avoiding alcohol may also be essential for quicker healing.

The dental professional may advise patients not to be involved in heavy physical activities/exercise. This can increase the blood flow rate and cause bleeding. Patients may have to be involved only in light activities for first 2-3 days after the surgery.

A special diet including soft foods may be recommended for the first few days. Patients may have to avoid consumption of hot, spicy and hard food items. Consumption of carbonated beverages, chips, nuts and shells may create a problem for dental implants. Using a straw and chewing on the implant directly should be avoided. Following the instructions can help patients recover quickly and aid implant integration with bone.

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