Dental Implants For Diabetic Patients

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According to an estimate, diabetes is a disorder that prevails among 29% of the population in the United States. There are a number of oral health concerns that arise from diabetes. Recent research has shown that periodontal diseases are among the serious problems that can be caused by diabetes. Tooth loss among diabetics can increase the risk of oral health problems. Therefore replacing a lost tooth using dental implant may turn out to be a serious need under such conditions. But are diabetic patients right candidates for dental implant surgery? What are the concerns in this regard? The following write-up intends to provide an overview of how diabetes can affect dental implant restoration.

The Candidature for Dental Implant Surgery

When a person searches for information on candidature for dental implant online, he/she may find that uncontrolled diabetes is not a suitable condition for the surgery. Let us take a step further to see how the dentist decides as to who is the best candidate. A dentist performs a number of tests and notes down the medical history of the patient before finalizing on the treatment. Unhealthy supporting bone, patients who are undergoing radiotherapy in the head region and oral cancer may be few other unfavorable conditions for dental implant surgery.

Coming back to diabetes, there are several research teams that have worked on finding out the possibility of dental implant failure in diabetic patients. The findings have mostly shown that the restoration has worked well for patients who had well-controlled and moderately controlled diabetes. Among patients who had poorly controlled diabetes, the risk of failure was found out to be high. Oral hygiene, jawbone health and habits of the patient too played a major role in the success of the dental implants.

Why Diabetes Can Be a Problem to Dental Implants?

Diabetes firstly increases the chances of periodontal disease. Gum infection is an unfavorable condition for dental implant surgery. An incision is made in the gums during dental implant surgery. If the gum tissues are infected, the bacteria can spread to the bone and into the blood stream. This is why the dentist makes sure to treat the gum infection before performing surgery. The implant healing period is more with patients who have diabetes. The ability to fight dental infection may be less in patients who have diabetes, which can increase the risk of dental infection post dental implant surgery.

What You Should Know?

Diabetes, although is a condition to check candidature for dental implants, dentists thoroughly check the medical history and oral health of patients to let them know if they are the right candidate. Patients with well-controlled and moderately controlled diabetes may be considered for the surgery. Postoperative care has a crucial role to play for diabetic patients after the dental implant surgery. Proper maintenance of oral hygiene, quitting smoking and periodic dental visits can decide the success of the implant.

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