How To Care For Implanted Tooth

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Maintaining proper oral hygiene is vital when living with dental implants. There are a lot of differences between natural teeth and implanted tooth. These differences make it essential to clean the restoration thoroughly to avoid failure and diseases. So how is an implanted tooth different from the natural tooth? What kind of special precautions do the implanted teeth require? To know this one should understand how an implanted tooth is connected to the supporting structure of oral cavity.

Dental Implant Restoration – How is it Connected to Supporting Structure?

Osseointegration allows the titanium implant to bond with the supporting bone. The bone tissues fuse with implant surface and make the restoration an integral part of the bone structure. An abutment is fixed over the implant. The abutment is supported on the outside by soft connective tissues from the gums. The crown is fixed over the abutment. The gums further come in contact with this contact point.

The way the implanted tooth is connected to the supporting structure or periodontium of the patient highlights the need for maintaining proper oral hygiene. Plaque – a biofilm of bacteria can grow over the implanted crown. If not cleared from time-to-time, it can increase the risk of dental health problems.

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene?

Although the implanted tooth can be brushed and flossed, the choice of right products for the purpose is very important. Products such as tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes should not create scratches over the crown. This can increase the chances of plaque formation. Patients should also make sure to be careful to choose products that do not irritate gums or the titanium implant. Products with high fluoride content are known to cause such effects.

While brushing with non-abrasive paste and toothbrush can help, patients have special types of floss on the market, which help in protecting the soft gum tissues from the danger of infection. In addition, oral irrigators can be used to remove food debris from around the gums and abutment to ensure better protection.

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